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mallard island 24x36 horizontal.jpg

A horizontal painting is  the most typical, as it provides a wide shot of the room to capture your tables and other decor, guests, and if applicable, windows.

A vertical painting can be a great choice to capture the full height of a tall ballroom or church or emphasize the architectural details of the ceiling. 



Park Chateau January wedding.jpg

A 24”x 30” and 22”x28” are more square and emphasize the ceiling and center of the dance floor more – good for 

capturing venues with higher ceilings!


The 24”x36” and 20”x30” are more panoramic and allow for a wider angle of the room so you can see more tables and windows. 

Touch-ups  (click image to enlarge)

In either case, your background and Guests of Honor (i.e., wedding couple)  portrait will look fairly detailed, especially if the venue allows the artist to arrive 4-5 hours in advance to paint the room. 


However, most people opt to have their painting touched up further in the studio so Katherine has time to add more detail to the most important guests, especially if they have a 

large family or wedding party.


Packages with touch-ups include at least two rounds of revision to help ensure that you are 100% happy with the final product. But if you prefer a more impressionistic look without a lot of facial detail (or no additional guests added in the background), then the onsite package can be a great fit!

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