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Frequently Asked Questions


What type of materials do you use?

I paint with high quality water-based acrylic paint on pre-stretched canvas. The paint is non-toxic and extremely quick-drying, allowing for easy clean-up and transport of the painting after an event. 


Does the painting come framed? 


The painting is on a stretched canvas which can be hung right away without a frame. Due to the high volume of events I paint, I do not make my own frames but can consult with you about framing options, and can also frame the painting for you for an additional fee plus the cost of framing.


If my event has already passed, or you are not available on my event date, can you create a painting from my event photos?  Can you also paint one of my favorite photos as a gift for someone? 

NOTE: I am fully booked for paintings from photos commissions for at least the next year. Feel free to  contact me to be added to a wait list, and I will inform you if commissions open up again! However, if we've already booked a live event and I cannot attend due to extenuating circumstances (like a pandemic-related postponement), I  can turn your favorite wedding portrait or photo of a cherished person, place or pet into a one-of-a-kind painting. I can also work from several photo references to create a customized  scene capturing the setting, decor and key guests of your event -- as if I were actually there in person! 

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What type of set-up or materials

does the event site need to provide?

The setup is minimal and usually does not require assistance from event staff. I supply my own portable easel. The site only needs to arrange for a small painting area in advance of my arrival, which need not take up more than approximately 4' X 6', inside or outside, and a small table to hold the painting supplies. The site also needs to have a nearby power outlet for my lamp, and water source and place to dump painty water such as a slop sink. I need to set up in a spot that gives me a good view of whatever scene I am painting.  



My venue will only let you start setting up an hour before my party.  Is that enough time?

Though arriving 3-5 hours in advance is ideal, I only need about 20 minutes to get everything set up to start painting. I have been able to produce finished-looking paintings over the course of a 4-hour party with less than an hour to set up. However, if I can arrive earlier, then guests will be able to see a background that is close to finished by the time they come into the room, and I will be able to focus more on adding the people during the party. Anything not completed at the event will be finished in my studio.



My ceremony is only half an hour long--can you still paint it live?


Since ceremonies are so short, I like to arrive as early as possible to paint the background before the ceremony. I usually paint as much as I can during the ceremony itself but also take photos for reference. Then, I like to stay during the reception and finish my painting working from my photos, so that guests are able to watch the painting of the ceremony progress while they're enjoying the party! If I cannot stay for the reception, then I will finish the painting in my studio based on my photos. The shortest event I've ever painted is a 5-minute marriage proposal!


Do you have liability insurance?


Yes, Event Painting by Katherine has standard liability insurance covering up to $1M. 

Where are you based?  Are you willing to travel?

I am based in Brooklyn, NY but frequently service Philadelphia, the Baltimore/Delaware/DC and New England areas, and have painted  as far away as Florida, Mexico and Puerto Rico. I require that clients cover travel costs such as airfare and hotels. Out-of-town events under 1.5 hours driving distance from NYC (most places in the Tri-State Area) do not usually require overnight stay, but a travel fee between  will be reflected in your total price quote.


How many people can I request

be included in the painting?


I do not have a set limit, but I recommend not requesting more than 10-15 specific recognizable people as it can be difficult to get more than that many in during a typical event, and including too many people makes it more difficult to include specific decor details like cake or tablescapes.   Additional people/details can sometimes be added after the event though.  Most people can be identified in my paintings by key features such as hair color and clothing, but I do paint the faces of guests other than the bride and groom (or other VIP guests)  a little more loosely so as to keep the focus on the most important people, and to preserve a sense of motion in the painting.  I am also happy to paint a "just the two of you" portrait that provides the ultimate focus on you and your beautiful setting and decor. NOTE: for paintings that need to be completed the day of the wedding (usually at a discounted price) no more than 8 specific portraits can be requested.

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Can you do more than one painting

at the same event?

 Though I normally only do one large painting onsite, I have done two  paintings (i.e. of ceremony and reception) live on the same day. I have also done multiple quick black and white sketches over the course of a single party.

How do I decide which size canvas I want


Visit my page comparing different painting sizesand also visit my portfolio page to see examples  of paintings of each size.   Feel free to inquire about other custom/larger or smaller sizes. 


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